Added Value

Added value in any operation follows from the use of resources contained in the waste for a useful purpose without endangering human health and without using methods harmful to the environment. With regard to BIOACORES, our value is knowhow to convert and recover waste in chemical products with biological activity that can be integrated into the industry, with special emphasis on environmental and sustainability requirements.

From this we obtain fructose, fiber, antioxidants and ursolic acid. The products derived from the fruit residue have multiple uses in the food, nutritional, pharmaceutical and cosmetic sectors, which gives us great versatility in the marketplace.

Fructose is a natural sugar, a nutritional sweetener with applications in the food industry, prepared products and processed drinks market, especially energy drinks with low sugar content whose demand grows exponentially. It is the most demanded sugar substitute product today, since it has less impact on the blood glucose level than normal sugar.

Pectin (fiber) is a common component of the daily diet due to its use in the food industry (beverages, dairy products, confectionery, bakeries, etc.), as a dietary supplement, and in the pharmaceutical industry (used as a natural excipient in medicines taken orally via intestinal absorption).

Antioxidants are used widely as ingredients in dietary supplements in hopes of maintaining health and preventing diseases, like cancer and coronary heart disease. In addition to medical applications, antioxidants have many industrial uses, as food preservatives, in cosmetics, and for the prevention of degradation of rubber and gasoline applications. Apples have one of the highest levels of antioxidant activity.

Ursolic acid is of particular interest, since it has application as (1) sun cream for protection from the sun's rays, (2) it helps to strengthen the skin collagen, improving elasticity and reducing wrinkles; in Japan it is recommended by its FDA for (3) the treatment of skin cancer and alleviate its effects, (4) anti-inflammatory in the treatment of cystitis, (5) applications in treating cold sores, due to its anti-bacterial capacity. It is recommended as a sports product, because it helps (6) regain muscle tone after training. There are preliminary scientific studies that indicate it (7) helps recover the use of nerve endings affected by multiple sclerosis disease.

Production facilities

We use state-of-the-art industrial facilities that guarantee the highest quality standards of the products and ensure the highest levels of service and commitment for the manufacture of this type of biotechnological products.