Our vision

Bioacores, S.L. is a company whose corporate purpose is research and experimental development in natural and technical sciences, and research and experimental development in biotechnology.

Bioacores S.L. business model is based on the transfer of technology to the industrial sector, focusing its activity on the research and development of extractive processes, outsourcing the stages of industrial production, marketing and sales.


This project is enmarked in the field of waste valorization and the follows the ideas of circular economy and the principles of Green Chemistry (Anastas, PT; Warner, JC Green Chemistry: Theory and Practice, Oxford University Press: New York, 1998, p.30) that 24 years later they can almost be considered as classics.

It is proposed to industrialize the obtaining of two extracts rich in triterpenes (25%), in one case starting from the residue of the agri-food industry called apple pommace from obtaining apple juice and natural cider, and in the second case starting of a forest waste such as eucalyptus leaves