What we do

  1. Research & development

    After years of research, and in collaboration with the University of Oviedo, we have developed a biochemical process to obtain healthy products from natural fruit residue. These results have allowed us to request European Patent nº EP19382530.4 on June 24, 2019. We have industrial-grade batches from our pilot plant available for distribution to customers.

  2. Objective

    This biotechnological chemical process aims to recover fruit residues from the food industry to obtain various products with added value for the pharmaceutical, food, dietary, cosmetic and veterinary markets.

  3. Our Motivation

    These substances have shown biological properties beneficial to our health and disease prevention. The benefits and the use of these products are known generally, with a growing demand in the socially conscious marketplace for healthy food and leading a healthy life.


Specifically, we refer to products such as pectin, sugars, antioxidants and ursolic acid. The benefits and use of pectin and antioxidants are generally known. Perhaps the least known product is ursolic acid, whose use ranges from the pharmaceutical sector as anti-tumor treatment, to the cosmetic sector, in creams to care for and improve the collagen, to the dietary sector.

This is a project that protects the balance of the environment by recycling the waste generated in the food industry.

Towards this end, we have highly qualified personnel in the scientific world, with great experience in biotechnology in prestigious centers such as the University of Oviedo, and a great professional career in the chemical-pharmaceutical industry.

Our work has merited recognition as an INNOVATIVE TECHNOLOGY-BASE COMPANY ( EIBT in Spanish), recognized by the Spanish National Business and Innovation Centers Association (or ANCES in Spanish).